Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meeting the Wild Ones

The Root River Wild Ones is a chapter of many Wild Ones groups throughout the United States.  They work on preservation of native plant species.  After all, if we only planted petunias and one kind of corn or only grew exotic plants, we humans would be the poorer.  Please know that our existence depends upon plants converting energy from the sun. Our vast array of native plants, some now very rare because of human neglect, are best conditioned to the natural vicissitudes of our environment.

Well, I enjoyed meeting Root River Wild Ones members when I presented  "The Importance of Saving Natural Areas" and did a book-signing on January 7.  They are a lively bunch in Racine and Kenosha Counties in Wisconsin.  Weekly they work with dedication to (1) preserve natural areas and eradicate invasive exotic plants and (2) share information with the community about the values of growing native plants.

If you haven't yet heard about the Wild Ones and want to do meaningful gardening (besides planting petunias), look them up on the web.  And if you want to join an exhilarating group of individuals, join the Root River Wild Ones who meet the first Saturday morning of every month.  The contact e-mail is:

Bernice, the author