Wednesday, November 28, 2012


"What?  In the dormant season of winter?" You are probably wondering.

Yes, in the winter, too!  If I had only grown petunias and fretted over a perfect lawn, it would be boring.  But, look here!  The goldfinches have come to feast on the seeds of my prairie plants...and the purple finches, the chickadees, the downy woodpeckers....  A wild turkey wanders through, a red-tailed hawk soars past.  (Thank you, Hawk, for keeping the rabbit population down!)

My various prairie gardens (and a woodland garden at the back under the sugar maple) make life interesting to watch from our windows.  A planned native garden can provide interest and a parade of bird and animal life through the seasons.  Look up the nurseries that feature native prairie plants (native woodland plants, if you have shade) and plan something interesting for next spring.